Franca Ciambella – picture on team website but gone now. I email person but no reply. contact to see if she reply you



live – chennai, India

online profile

I find facebook but no cheap to put family photos. will only give to agencies

he describe
Crypto tinhorn, wordsmith, lucky husband, proud father, wishful thinker. With @lendroidproject. Views my own.

he mention proud father. 1 day kid go up, father in jail. only shame no proud. image of gang member



This scam was conducted by multiple people across the world. Here are they.

- Vignesh Sunderasan ( India, USA, Canada)

- Paul Martens ( USA )

- Franca Ciambella ( Singapore )

- Tyler Filiatrault ( Japan )

- Vii Sundaram ( Estonia, India)

- Supriya Vasu ( Canada, India)

- Anand Venkateswaran ( USA, India )

- Vivek Sundaram ( Estonia )

- Patrick McLain ( USA)

- Galen Danziger (USA)